(Exterior Balcony. Slow, dramatic piano music is playing. Slow-motion video of a beautiful model with a blue-tipped tongue depressor in her mouth.)


For us supermodels times have changed.

(Slow-motion Video montage of model in little black dress at various hollywood parties followed by scenes leaning over toilets.)


But a few things stay the same

(Video montage on the red carpet, paparazzi snapping pictures, photo shoots, etc BLOW E-tongue depressor in her mouth.)


Our desire to be successful, to eat without boundaries

(Montage of models stuffing their faces at a buffet)

With BLOW E-tongue depressors we can still be ourselves. Just insert it down your throat and put your mouth over the cup. When the tip is blue, just BLOW those chunks. BLOW will electronically do the rest.

(Slow-motion Video montage of models using BLOW E-tongue depressors at movie premieres etc, bending over and retching into the cup)


Afterall this country was founded on free will. Embrace it, chase it.

(Birds fly slowly overhead, inserts BLOW E-tongue depressor, bends over and starts retching.)


Take back your freedom with BLOW.


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