Griffy Lake and Nature Preserve – Bloomington Parks and Rec.

Originally posted April 2007. Many students probably graduate from Indiana University never realizing that this jewel is just a stone’s throw from campus. Located just a few miles north-east of the football stadium, Griffy Lake and Nature Preserve is a special place.To me it exudes Bloomington. It has rolling hills, placid water and the scentContinue reading “Griffy Lake and Nature Preserve – Bloomington Parks and Rec.”

Pokagon State Park (Indiana DNR)

Originally posted April 2009. Pokagon State Park is a great example of what the Indiana State Park system has to offer.  At just over 1200 acres, this park has something for everyone. There are a wide variety of activities to choose from.  Bicycle rental, snow-ski rental, horseback riding, boat rental, hiking, fishing and a publicContinue reading “Pokagon State Park (Indiana DNR)”

Ravinia Woods (A Unit of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest)

Originally posted February 2009. Ravinia Woods is a unit of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest located just 30 miles southwest of Indianapolis. This 1500 acre area of wooded rolling hills and valleys is interspersed with fields, small ponds and several streams.  The land was purchased in 2004 from AES/Indianapolis Power and Light and is open toContinue reading “Ravinia Woods (A Unit of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest)”

Tippecanoe Battlefield

Originally posted July 2007 The Tippecanoe Battlefield is located in Battleground, Indiana. The Battle of Tippecanoe is considered an important event that many of us in Indiana probably read about in elementary school. The story goes that white folks in southern Indiana (around Vincennes) were getting nervous about all the Indians gathering in Prophetstown andContinue reading “Tippecanoe Battlefield”